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This journal is named after the poem by Viggo Mortensen, also entitled "Ten Last Night". Viggo's poetry are extremely beautiful, haunting and of course, inspiring; like everything artistic that comes from him. The full poem is displayed on the journal header (which also features Viggo Mortensen) and is reprinted without permission, but with the utmost respect.

Ten Last Night features all the icons & graphics made by me, (slave_monkey). This is my second graphics journal (the first being art_into_chaos) I have decided to move in order to start again, and explore new “un-iconed territory”. Yeah, I’m just that big of a loser.

: Feedback is in itself important so that I know what it is that people like about my graphics and so I can find out what I have to improve on. Commenting is another important aspect of feedback so I know who is taking my icons and where they are going.

: Since, iconing and the general creation of graphics does count as a form of art, any credit will be greatly appreciated. On Livejournal, it can be done by inserting “slave_monkey” or “ten_lastnight” in the keywords of the icon when one goes to upload the icon. As for graphics (such as headers, moodthemes and layouts), a link to this community on the userinfo will suffice.

Do Not Hotlink
Please upload all the graphics to your own services.
Watch you language please. I cannot, for the life of me, read “N3TSP3AK”. Please speak the language I most comfortable speaking: “ENGLISH”. Also, a little common courtesy goes a long way.

: Not commenting or crediting can and will lead to some sort of consequence. As serious as consequences can get considering this is the Internet and anything that can be stolen will be stolen. I’m not going to be cracking down on this really heavily but I’m sure your conscience will.

Please Join
. Ten_Lastnight is an open community but I would still be amazing if people continue to join this community. It encourages me to make icons on a continual basis. In other words – it makes me feel wanted.

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[Wed, Jul 6th, 05]

I've changed LJ's so this place is pretty much going down with my other one. I do have a new set and its linked from where I usually post my icons. I'll be posting from now on on my regular new LJ.

It's been fun guys - so long and thannks for all the comments and feedback....and the fish. Tata.

In which she falls in love with black: [Mon, May 23rd, 05]


Oh my god she did it! Even if she had to make some icons as she made this post!

101 Multi-Fandom Icons!! (well mostly Lost)

[43] Lost -Episode Icons

[15] Lost Character/Shipper Icon (all het wtf?)

[23] Lost Actors

[12] Hanson

[4] Viggo Mortensen

[3] Keane

[2] Zach Braff

[1] Donnie Darko

Previews: 1. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 2. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 3. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Did you see it falling?Collapse ) ETA: There's a great Lost RPG community: surviving_815 that I've decided to join just for the hell of it. The writers/participants are really great and really know their characters well and I was thrilled by that. Unfortunately at the moment, 2 major roles are still untaken. So if anyone who enjoys RP-ing or want to try it for the first time (hehe like me - care to guess who I play? hint: its the only bad one) and is interested in playing Walt or Michael or even Rousseau or an original character (the focus right now is on Walt and Michael though) - head on over, fill up the app and have fun.

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Icons, Icons, Come Get Your Icons and a lovely Lost Banner too! [Mon, May 2nd, 05]

New Icons! Probably wont be updating again for at least another 3 weeks. May is always very busy - exams and all - plus a lot of weird stuff happening. I've been trying out a new style (as always) and I hope you guys like it. Here we go. ETA: I FORGOT AN ICON!

[4] Garden State [8] Hanson [5] Kate Bosworth [2] Keane [4] Maggie Grace [5] Josh Holloway, Matt Fox & Dom Monaghan [9] Ian Somerhalder [33] Lost (Various episodes & Character shots) [3] Viggo Mortensen [2] Lost Banners (different version)

For a moment your eyes openCollapse )

Usual rules apply.

Also, I've added an FAQ page. Its right beneath the resources to save time.


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[Tue, Apr 19th, 05]

[ mood | stupid f*cking cramps ]

This has been like the fastest I've updated XD. Took me only 2 weeks! Sorry, these kinda suck because my love-master play_by is away in France. And I miss her. But she's not here. So Gia, hurry your ass up back here in North America.

[20] Lost - varying episodes (spoilers for Do No Harm)

[16] Lost Cast - Ian Somerhalder, Maggie Grace, Matt Fox

[5] Viggo Mortensen.

[7] Keane

[6] Hanson


36.  52.  48.  

Its good to be in love - it really does suit youCollapse )

I promise, next time, more Lost icons that aren't Boone centric. And more Hanson icons. Once I start hearing from them again.

- I'm still taking requests folks. Drop a line on the request page -



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[Tue, Apr 5th, 05]


Pretty small set because most of these are alternatives.

[7] Hanson

[4] Keane

[22] Lost (Matthew Fox, Ian Somerhalder, Maggie Grace)

[4] Ginger Snaps

[1] Zach Braff

[1] Surprise

[5] Viggo Mortensen

[4] Kate Bosworth (featuring Somerhalder)

Previews: Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Icon Batch of 51Collapse )

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TUTORIAL [Fri, Mar 25th, 05]

Tutorial for Kate Bosworth icon. As requested by heraliceeyes. Thisis for Photoshop 7 by the way but I think it should easily enough be translated to PSP.

Sorry its not going to be *exactly* like the icon since well - lo and behold I didn'tsave the base for it but its going to look similar. I've placed the actual image and the layers window side by side to illustrate changes on both.

So its going to look like:
Finished Icon

tutorial 1Collapse )
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No icons sorry... [Fri, Mar 25th, 05]

I want to make some tutorials trouble is I don't know which icon or what kind of icon I should do a tutorial for. So if anyone is interested in reading a tutorial of an icon I made please please comment on this post with it and I'll try my best. Its okay to hotlink this time - but only this time.
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I call this the : "Reina fucks around" set. [Tue, Mar 22nd, 05]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Sorry for not having anything for the past month! I've been busy with quite a lot of things but its mostly just being too lazy. But since its march break and I've got nothing else to do....

As the title implies - I goofed around with most of what I did with these icons so thats why they look so different. And silly me always forgets how I did them so if I like a certain style I can't reproduce it. Oh well. Most of these were made in the past 3 days/nights anyway. others - well 3 weeks ago maybe?

[65] Icons

[18] Hanson

[19] Lost (misc. episodes, Monaghan, Grace, Somerhalder, Holloway, Fox)

[15] Viggo Mortensen

[10] Keane

[3] Kate Bosworth

It seems like a large set because of all the alternatives I made. As you can see I was never quite happy with what I did.



 sigh - hopefully this set is a good enough apology for the lack of icons from me for the last monthCollapse )

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[Tue, Feb 22nd, 05]


Not a big batch - I haven't had very much time over the past 2 weeks with Reianna as a distraction.

[13] Hanson
[6] Viggo Mortensen
[1] Legolas Greenleaf
[5] Kate Bosworth
[3] Keane


This is the Last Time you fall on meCollapse )
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[Sun, Feb 6th, 05]

39 NEW ICONS [17 Hanson]

[12 Viggo Mortensen]

[4 Lord of the Rings]

[1 Billy Boyd]

[3 Keane]

[1 Viggo Mortensen Wallpaper]

ETA: I made a mistake with the viggo thumbnail. I've posted the alternate version which - I didnt like anyway. thats fixed now. Previews

you'll follow me back with the sun in your eyesCollapse )

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First Post [Sun, Jan 23rd, 05]

[ mood | amused ]

First post of this new place. There isn't a lot but I do plan on making more...very soon.

The way they look change since I was constantly playing around with new styles

[18] Lord of the Rings icons

[7] Hanson icons

[6] Viggo Mortensen icons

[2] Dominic Monaghan icons

[1] Scrubs (J.D.)

[1] Harry/Draco


3.  21.   32.  

First Icon PostCollapse )

Thanks everybody. I know its not much so far -but hey, I've been busy and sucking lately. I promise. More next time.

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[Sat, Jan 22nd, 05]

Anyone with any icon or graphic request may comment here with their request.

Please include:
+ What type of graphic (Icon, banner, header etc)
+ Picture you want used (if applicable)
+ Text (if applicable)
+ Any additional information (effects, colorizing, tone)
+ Your contact information (email adress or AIM screenname)

If you have like...no idea what you want in your icon. Thats okay too and we'll figure something out. XD.

I will try my best to get the requests done. Its all part of my - "be more responsible" plan. kick me if I never finish it.

Note on Blends : Please keep in mind when asking for blends on headers, banners etc, that blending is quite difficult when the images are not from the same (photoshoot or event) due to color differences. Its much easier to make blends when the image quality, color quality or object's skin tone is the same in the images.

Note on icons : I'd prefer not to be given bases for icon requests.
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Resources & FAQ [Mon, Jan 17th, 05]

All the resources I use on graphics & icons including:

+ Screencaps
+ Stock/Promotional Images/Concert Photos
+ Tutorials
+ Brushes
+ Others

ResourcesCollapse )

I've started up an FAQ for anyone whose got questions on how I go about making icons and graphics.

How do youCollapse )

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